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Marta Kubinowska - wedding planner


The firm MKevents has been formed and created in 2012.

Founder of the firm is Marta Kubinowska - certified wedding consultant.
From the very young age she saw herself as an “organizing spirit”.
Currently she’s a student at Warsaw University. She has gained her irreplaceable experience working with Warsaw’s biggest and renowns marketing and event-planning agencies.

What was her inspiration behind the idea of starting that unique activity and creating her own firm?

Marta Kubinowska: The concept and idea of becoming a wedding consultany was something I was thinking about for the last few years, but the breaking point came just during a family Wedding I was attending. Obviously invited guest were having a blast during Reception and just after 10 PM, when all of the ballroom’s lights were switched off, we grabbed sparklers and waited with pure excitement for other attractions. Just a second later there it was: a beautiful and magnificent layered wedding cake brought on the tray by waitresses. It was a short moment till that precious cake could reach a centered place of the ballroom, when suddenly the top layer became separated from the rest and fell strictly on the floor. That’s when I saw bride’s devastated face and one creal thought came straight to my head: “If I was in charge of this Reception’s arrangement I would make sure that the wedding cake was frozen enough to avoid all of this drama we have to deal with right now”. Sadly that was the only thing that I remember from that beautiful summer day.
But actually it was the same day I assured myself that
every couple working with me
could benefit a lot... :)