Every offer we make is created individually for the couple’s taste and wishes.
We also make sure to prepare everything in the matter suitable to the time left till the Special Day’s arrival.
But what’s more important for us is to make all your dreams come true!


Currently the list of services we can offer you consists of:

  • starting a colaboration with the couple even one year before the Wedding Day;

  • creating an image of the wedding and offering arrangement matching soon-to-be newlyweds visions and wishes;

  • veryfing offers made by subcontractors and helping with choosing the one suitable for couple’s desire;

  • researching locations just as: hotels, restaurants, venues - just to meet couple’s comfort;

  • helping with creating and confirming the wedding’s budget;

  • optimizing costs of the Wedding Ceremony and Reception;

  • creating a written scenario of the whole event;

  • keeping contact with subcontractors in the couple’s name;

  • coordinating course of the Wedding Ceremony and Reception (additionally this can also include coordination of the „day after wedding” party according to couple’s desire).